How to Choose a Vanity For Your Bathroom

These 5 tips will remind you before you buy a new vanity, it’s useful information that will help you save money and time. If you don’t want to miss how to selecting a new vanity that fits your space, please keep reading.


1. Practicality

There have two easy questions to helping you think before you buy a new vanity.

How much space you have? Who will be using the vanity? 

Firstly, One of the most important thing about selecting a new vanity for your bathroom, think about what would be appropriate and adequate in terms of size. While the standard widths for vanity cabinets are 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, and 1200mm.

When you are doing remodel the bathroom by yourself, you might need to draw an area on the floor that you could simulation an area. You should confirm that you have enough space for any opening doors and drawers. Use a measuring stick, ruler, or whatever you could get to measuring the rest of the space in which you want to place a vanity, make sure you have enough space to walking.

The next key considerations are who will be using? The most common vanity styles were freestanding and wall-mounted, it depends on your usage habits. Some people prefer the wall-mounted vanity because it could installed at a comfortable height for them. If your family members are tall, and you couldn’t find a higher enough vanity, try the wall-mounted one!

2. plumbing

Speaking to a licensed plumber before buying any plumbing items, ensure you get the right products that can be installed correctly. Freestanding vanities are more flexible than wall-mounted, and it could forgiving for irregular existing plumbing connections or only minimal alterations.

If you like to remodel by yourself, ensure you remember the location of the existing plumbing.

3. Style

The editorial director of home and fashion magazines – Shelley Ferguson said
” The right bathroom vanity can help you showcase your style and personality.”

When we choose vanity, most of us will follow our style hobbies, no matter you are minimalist or you prefer modern luxe or natural chic, you should ensure it’s made by stong material and easy to be clean.

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